Portable Rotating plate E330

Electric appliance for mini and small taboon ovens

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Portable Rotating Tray E305

Electric appliance for mini and small taboon ovens

The idea for a portable rotating tray was born to enable anyone, without special skills, to make a pizza in a taboon oven and to make it easier for the pizza maker to concentrate on preparing the dough and toppings. Baking pizza is usually done with wood or gas heating, in which the pizza receives high heat from a specific spot, so one has to be careful and rotate it constantly for uniform baking without burnt edges. The electric rotating motion of the Taboons’ tray enables uniform cooking and does not require additional and skilled people to watch and rotate the pizza throughout baking.

The portable rotating tray is integrated into a larger tray, which adds a high-quality and massive front surface for placing cooking pots and pans at the opening of the taboon oven, for maximum working convenience. The larger tray and the rotating stone tray create a flat surface with no height differences.

The Taboons’ portable rotating tray is thin and compact, is made of stainless steel and includes components suitable for working at high temperatures of taboon ovens (about 500 °C/ 900°F).

The E305 portable rotating tray is a technological innovation that upgrades any existing taboon oven.  It comes assembled and ready for immediate operation. No need for adjustments or changes to the taboon oven, just put the tray in, connect it to an electrical power source / battery, heat the oven together with the rotating tray to the appropriate temperature, and the Taboons system is ready for use!

The uniform heat dissipation and the convenience will make your pizza preparation experience perfect.

An application for a global patent for the Taboons' new technology has been filed!

Quality Stone Rotating Tray

Taboons’ portable electric rotating tray is also supplied with a high-quality Cordierite stone baking tray.  This is a stone that heats up quickly and retains heat over time. Uniform heating on the surface of the tray creates uniform professional baking, with a crispy and beautiful crust.

Taboons’ stone tray is resistant to direct flame and heat up to a temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius. The stone is resistant to thermal shock - when the stone is heated to 800 degrees Celsius, it can be placed in cold water and it will not crack!

Taboons’ stone tray has passed the strictest possible tests for working with food, and is environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals. The tray complies with the most stringent international standards, and has been approved for work with food by: FDA, LFGB, CA PROP65, and MATI (The Israel Standards Institute).

Electric Gear Motor

A high quality 12V DC Planetary Gear Motor featuring the highest quality planetary gearbox, inside a stainless steel case, in a compact structure that is installed outside the taboon oven.  It includes a circuit breaker and a quick socket for connecting voltage.  It connects to a transformer with a regulator to change the desired speed of tray rotation.

Electric Rotating Tray

The Taboons’ portable electric rotating tray comes supplied with a power supply that connects to the power grid and includes a button for controlling the rotation speed of the tray, with speed options from 0-12, and a clear digital display indicator.

Optional:  Addition of a portable rechargeable lithium battery, sufficient for continuous use for more than a working day.

Technical Specifications

Tray diameter - 30.5 cm

Electrical drive

Working temperature - up to about 800 °C

Optional: Addition of a portable rechargeable lithium battery