About Us

Our Story

Traditional taboon ovens have been manufactured for centuries. A great deal of skill is required to operate the oven. When using the taboon for baking, the temperature is very high and the concentration of heat at one point of the oven requires supervision and constant rotation of the pizza, so that you do not get a pizza with burnt edges on the one side facing the heat source.

A taboon oven with a large motorized rotating tray on which several pizzas can be placed simultaneously does not solve the problem of the need to rotate the pizzas, since the pizzas are exposed to the same heat source on each round of the main tray, and burn on the same edge facing the heat.

Professional taboon ovens have a complex mechanical mechanism responsible for operating a large main rotating tray with a number of smaller trays that also rotate along the circumference. While baking, the pizza is in constant rotation facing the heat source. Baking pizza in this professional taboon is perfect, but the cost is extremely high. Another disadvantage is that the small trays placed around the main tray stand above the surface so that the oven can only be used for baking pizzas or products the size of the small trays, which does not allow other uses of the entire oven area.


Inspired by a love of cooking and hospitality, and a passion for the best pizza for our family and friends, we sought a way to simplify the pizza making process, so that anyone, even those without a pizzaiolo’s skill, can bake a perfect pizza. Together with the support of one of the leading engineering companies in Israel (BK Engineering), we at Taboons have developed the portable rotating tray.

When we developed our unique rotating tray we had one ambition - that anyone could make the best pizza.

An international patent application has been filed for this unique technology!

Our invention is a revolution in the traditional field - we transform every existing taboon oven, with no drilling or renovations, into an oven with the technology of a professional restaurant.

Our Vision

Our commitment to innovation is perpetual and we continue to develop cutting-edge products.

We believe that in order to lead the field, one must listen to people, understand their aspirations and wishes, develop new capabilities, and rethink the obvious.

We are constantly working to create technological advances. We have the possibility of quickly realizing any technological idea, development or design, with all our products made from the best materials and with the most advanced manufacturing technologies.

We believe that with our innovative products you can pamper your family and friends with the best pizza.

Unique Development

A product baked in a taboon oven receives heat from a specific static heat source and may burn at one point while the rest has not yet been baked and remains pale in color. Taboons' rotating tray ensures uniform baking of the baked goods or dishes on all sides trough a unique drive system.

User Friendly

Rotating trays are suitable for all oven sizes, from mini taboon ovens to large and professional ovens. Rotating trays are easy to load and remove, without any need for installation or drilling.  For large taboon ovens, there is the option of using several portable rotating trays using a simple and concealed installation without changing the floor area of the oven. The trays enable you to upgrade any oven to the highest professional level.


We believe that there can be no compromising on quality.

This begins from the design process, through choice of materials, performance tests and checks at high temperatures, to packaging.