The portable rotating tray – a unique and exclusive technology from Taboons!

The first system of its kind in the world that includes a combination of several new technologies developed by Taboons and filed for international patent registration.

This is a true revolution in the field of taboon ovens. For the first time, any oven can be upgraded to professional restaurant level, easily and without drilling. The unique technologies we have developed make it possible to use a mechanically / electrically driven portable rotating tray in any taboon oven, with a smart system to prevent heat transfer to the electric motor. This is a rotating tray that allows anyone, without any special skills, to bake a uniform pizza without burnt edges.

After comprehensive research and development, while carefully
examining every component individually and as a whole, a drive system was built to meet aviation level standards, the most professional level of all! Taboons unique drive systems include a special bearing that withstands working temperatures of over 500 degrees Celsius, unique drive assemblies developed by one of the leading R&D departments in the country, one that develops complexes and systems for leading aviation companies in Israel, such as IAI, Elbit and more...

Innovation at its best from the producer of Taboons, taking your taboon oven to the next level.

Patent image