For concealed installation with removable rotating tray Another innovative development of the Taboons company - an electric rotating tray with concealed installation in a taboon oven. After comprehensive research and development, while carefully examining every component individually and as a whole, a drive system was built to meet aviation level standards, the most professional level of all! Taboons unique drive systems include a special bearing that withstands working temperatures of over 500 degrees Celsius, unique drive assemblies developed by one of the leading R&D departments in the country, one that develops complexes and systems for leading aviation companies in Israel, such as IAI, Elbit and more... An international patent application has been filed for these systems! Taboons Disassembled Rotating Tray Kit - One kit can be installed for from one to several rotating trays that can be disassembled and assembled quickly. This enables quick disassembly to use a flat oven floor for other cooking and baking needs. Especially suitable for large taboon ovens that allow the installation of several trays inside the oven, with the possibility of removing trays in seconds and continuing work over the entire area of the oven floor.

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The unique electric drive system for Taboons enables the installation of a rotating tray made of high-quality Cordierite stone, in sizes ranging from a diameter of 30 cm to a diameter of 45 cm for the same drive unit.  The rotating tray stone heats up quickly and retains heat over time.  Uniform heat over the entire surface of the rotating tray facilitates professional and uniform baking.


The majority of the assemblies and components of the drive system are made of grades 304 and 316 stainless steel, of the highest quality for use in a combustion oven.  The drive unit is a 12V DC / 24V High Torque Planetary Gear Motor coupled via Taboons' unique system to prevent heat transfer to the system gearbox.

An electric gear motor features a high-quality planetary gearbox inside a compact stainless steel case, designed to be installed under the taboon oven floor.  The system includes a power switch and a quick socket for connecting voltage, and connects to a transformer with a regulator to change the desired speed of tray rotation. 

The kit is supplied with a power supply that connects to the power grid and includes a button for controlling the rotation speed of the tray, with speed options from 0-12, and a clear digital display indicator.


Optional: Addition of a portable rechargeable lithium battery, sufficient for continuous use for more than a working day.

To the Electric Rotating Tray Kit,  a lithium Portable Power Bank Battery DC 12V 1.5A can be addedsuitable for all  Taboons'  range of productsThe rechargeable lithium battery has a power of 20,000 mAh (milliamp hours), connects via a flexible cable and enables the rotating tray to operate for many hours without the need to connect to the power grid. The battery includes: a charge control system with LED lights, a PD USB-C socket, and a Smart USB-A fast charging socket.