Taboons’ stone plate transforms your home oven into a professional pizza taboon oven. Our highest quality stone pizza plate, made from Cordierite, preserves high heat, creating a perfect crust to baked goods. The stone is intended for baking pizza, focaccia, calzone, and bread. It is suitable for use in an oven or direct flame up to a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius. The stone tray heats up quickly and retains heat over time. Uniform heating on the surface of the plate creates uniform professional baking, with a crispy and beautiful crust.


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Quality Stone

Taboons’ stone plate is resistant to direct flame and heat up to a temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius. The stone is resistant to thermal shock - when the stone is heated to 800 degrees Celsius, it can be placed in cold water and it will not crack!


Standards and Certifications

Taboons’ stone plate has passed the strictest possible tests for working with food, and is environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals. The plate complies with the most stringent international standards, and has been approved for work with food by: FDA, LFGB, CA PROP65, and MATI (The Israel Standards Institute).


Instructions for Use

Heat the stone about 30-60 minutes before baking. Avoid direct contact with hands. When removing the stone from the oven, use gloves, the stone is hot and can cause burns. Keep out of reach of children.

Cleaning: It is recommended to heat the stone at a very high temperature for a prolonged period before cleaning.


Technical specifications

Diameter - 33 cm

Thickness - 1.5 cm

Working temperature - up to about 800 °C